Wanted: bounty hunters and hot shot pilots to play a surprising competitive shooter with deep and challenging space combat. Help shape the future of Hunternet, where battles are intense, rewarding, and fair whether they are one-on-one duels or massive brawls. Play now and get the multiplayer alpha for free.


  • Free dedicated servers available 24/7.

  • A scalable combat system that is deep enough to be engaging in a one on one fight like a fighting game, and also flexible enough to support combat between tens or hundreds of simultaneous combatants.

  • Multiple game modes.

  • Play vs. bots solo or with friends.

  • Hunt as a lone wolf, form an elite squad or lead an army of hundreds.

  • Design a kit that best suits your play style.

  • Drop in and out multiplayer

  • Solid net code and no region locking. Developer routinely plays from Taiwan to the US with good results. This will help unite the community over larger geographical areas.

  • Fast and varied movement options.

  • Actively dodgeable projectiles instead of instant hitscan weapons.

  • A fair battle ground with no praying to the RNG gods.

  • An energy system ties everything together; your health, ammo, and even your movement all pull from the same reserves. Every decision incurs a trade off and every shot counts. Spray and pray at your own risk.

  • Friendly fire and self-damage, collisions between all players, limited turn rates, and projectile inheritance place an emphasis on positioning.

  • 3D voice over IP and text chat.

  • Spectator support, free roaming and following.

  • Keyboard and mouse or gamepad combat controls.

  • Fully configurable and remappable controls.

  • TrackIR support for 6DoF head tracking.

  • New builds usually once a week.

  • Many more features to come before the beta. Join us and help me prioritize development.

Join our Weekly Developer Playtests:

Saturdays at 8PM Chicago Time
Sundays at 1PM London Time.
Play with us on discord or watch live on twitch.
Play solo or with a friend, 24-7-365.

Happy hunting, 
Fernando Z

Play now and get the multiplayer alpha for free.