Wanted: bounty hunters and scoundrels to play a surprising competitive shooter that will leave you feeling like a newbie again. Help shape the future of multiplayer, where battles are intense, rewarding, and fair whether they are one-on-one duels or massive brawls. Say goodbye to matchmaking and wait times and say hello to Hunternet!


  • Free dedicated servers available 24/7.
  • A scalable combat system that is deep enough to be engaging in a one on one fight like a fighting game, and also flexible enough to support combat between tens or hundreds of simultaneous combatants without descending into sheer chaos.
  • Multiple game modes: Endless, Chosen One, Best Run, and Fuxion Wars.
  • Play vs. bots solo or with friends.
  • Hunt as a lone wolf, form an elite squad or lead an army of hundreds. Teams are formed and dissolved on the battlefield, there can be any number of teams of any size. The larger your team the more points you need, which keeps multiple team sizes and solo play viable.
  • Mix and match up to eighteen high contrast abilities and design a kit that best suits your play style. Enjoy the freedom to respec for free at any time and try any ability right out of the gate.
  • A bounty hunting system that rewards you for hunting down powerful opponents instead of farming the weak. Destroying your prey will not be enough, you'll have to deliver that bounty before someone else robs you of your reward.
  • Match free design, join and leave the world at any time and play as long as you want. Say goodbye to wait times and a fragmented community.
  • Fast and varied movement options: you can fly, glide, slide, swing, climb, teleport, leap, bounce, and more.
  • Actively dodgeable projectiles instead of instant hitscan weapons.
  • 100% skill based, no random bullet spread or recoil, a fair battle ground with no praying to the RNG gods.
  • An energy system ties everything together; your health, ammo, and even your movement all pull from the same reserves. Every decision incurs a trade off and every shot counts. Spray and pray at your own risk.
  • Use unlimited team fuxion and leave Voltron jealous. Ascend to advanced forms worthy of a proud hunter race.
  • Friendly fire and self-damage, collisions between all players, limited turn rates, and projectile inheritance place an emphasis on positioning.
  • Summon your own AI minions, hack your opponent, trap them, frog them, go micron, and link with them, there is more to combat than just dealing damage.
  • No gore, graphic violence, or adult only themes, avoids unnecessarily restricting who can play together (current art is placeholder but true to this goal).
  • Interesting decisions at every step. Should you respawn early but with lower energy? Should you load up on abilities or take only what you need for a faster repair rate? Should you collect more bounty and risk what you are carrying or deliver it now and claim your reward? Should you form a team, how large should it be?
  • 3D voice over IP and text chat.
  • Spectator support, free roaming and following.
  • Keyboard and mouse or gamepad combat controls.
  • Fully configurable and remappable controls.
  • TrackIR support for 6DoF head tracking.

Join our Weekly Developer Playtests:

Saturdays at 8PM Chicago Time
Sundays at 1PM London Time.
Play with us on discord or watch live on twitch.
Play solo or with a friend, 24-7-365.

Happy hunting, 
Fernando Zapata

Hunternet is available for free on itch.io, prepare for departure and play now!

Hunternet supports playing from cockipt, third person, and top down views.