Who am I.

In 2009 I had been working as a professional software developer for over a decade, and was happy at my job. But for the first time I saw an opportunity of turning my dream into a sustainable reality. I quit my job to dedicate myself to creating my dream game full time. Three years in I made the difficult decision to shelve my original project and begin on what was to become Hunternet.

After two years of development Hunternet is in alpha and ready for a community of players to help explore and shape it. My dream is to get to know and play with each of you, and to help foster a diverse community. A community that embraces change and experimentation. A community that welcomes competitive and social players. But most of all a community that is as passionate as it is kind, where friendly rivalries can lead to meaningful friendships.

My name is Fernando Zapata. If you play my game, prepare to die.