Hunternet Alpha Teaser Trailer (Placeholder Art)

Ride shotgun with 700 of your closest friends & watch the fireworks ;)

Can a lone wolf take on the horde?

Experience the thrill of being a lone wolf, of leading an elite squad, or rolling with the horde as you fight for victory in epic battles with up to 700 players and 700 teams.

Hunternet is a solo-developed indie MMO shooter. Hunternet is not a military or arena shooter, but a unique design that will leave veterans of the genre feeling like newbies again.

The fundamentals of the genre have been reimagined and redesigned to scale from everything between two to 700 players. An inclusive and friendly aesthetic plays host to a deep and challenging game. Fifteen unique abilities and advanced movement mechanics lead to creative and emergent play.

Hunternet is in alpha and it's time to build a community, do you have what it takes to be a newbie again?


  • Designed to beat the Indie Multiplayer Curse
  • Not a military or arena shooter, a unique and challenging design that will leave veterans feeling like newbies again
  • Zero luck, 100% skill based, no leveling, everyone is on equal footing
  • Fifteen unique player abilities with minimum overlap, instead of many variations of the same thing
  • Fast and varied movement mechanics, separate from abilities
  • Challenging shooting, no hit scan, simulated projectiles with momentum, aiming requires leading your target
  • Form and dissolve teams on the battlefield, not red vs. blue
  • Large teams are not guaranteed an advantage, be a lone wolf or lead an elite squad
  • Use stealth, team deception, and indirect abilities to outsmart your competition
  • AI mobs integrated into PvP for your strategic use
  • 150 avatars to choose from with plans for a Mii like creator
  • No graphic violence allows players of all ages to play together
  • Friendly fire demands caution, no spray and pray
  • One big party & no waiting, not isolated by matchmaking
  • Not a release and forget game, but a life long living game
  • No pay-to-win or grind-to-play
  • Stable client & low system requirements for hassle free play
  • Many more surprises and features to be revealed