Hunternet is one guy's take on multiplayer space combat, it is my best shot at a living game that I hope to enjoy and continue to support for many years to come. But building a successful multiplayer game that does not fizzle out after release is difficult. Hunternet tackles this issue in three ways. First, I've designed unique space combat with enough depth to challenge even the most experienced veterans of the genre. Second, I've developed a custom networking stack that scales from one-on-one duels to epic space battles and allows you to drop in and out at any time. Third, I've designed game mechanics and rules that allow a single shared battlefield to support players and teams of all skill levels, allowing me to do away with matchmaking. Hunternet's fine community has helped me balance small-scale combat and we are now searching for pilots ready to help us balance large-scale combat unlike any you have played before.

Fernando Zapata

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